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Before the 1940s, homes in St. Louis and St. Charles were typically built without a chimney liner and as a result, before this time, chimney and house fires were much more commonplace. A liner provides extra protection to the interior of the chimney and helps guide the gases and particles up and out of the structure.

In all fireplaces and other flues (furnace, hot water heater, etc) that burn gas, oil, or solid fuels, a liner helps guide the combustion by-products out and away from the chimney. Every chimney needs a working liner and during your annual chimney cleaning, your chimney professional may tell you that you need a new one or that you need to repair the existing one.

Chimney House Fire Facts (2008-2010)

  • 21% of Chimney Fires occur in January 21% 21%
  • 30% of Chimney Fires occur from 6:00pm-8:00pm 30% 30%
  • Chimney Fires accounted for 87% of residential heating fires 87% 87%

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