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What To Expect

So you inquired for a chimney sweep. Here is a list of things that will help us both out!


Please allow a clear path from entry door to fireplace.

If you have any decorations on your mantle please remove

Keep ceiling fans off in room with fireplace.

Please allow an open area of at least 6 feet in front of your fireplace, We can assist with moving any furniture needed.

If you have dogs and/or cats it may be a good idea to isolate them to a separate part of your home. Sometimes our vacuum can disturb pets.

We always try to ensure that chimney sweeping is a very tidy operation so you do not need to cover your furniture but of course you can do so if you wish for your own peace of mind.

Once inside, We place a 9 x 12 heavy canvas tarp across your fireplaces hearth. From there we bring in a high powered vacuum, and our other tools. We start by sweeping your flue from the damper to the top. With the hose from the high powered vacuum inside the firebox we can control all falling dust and soot keeping your home with no mess. Once we have the flue swept from all soot and creosote, we clean out the firebox removing all and any soot and creosote from there as well.