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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about your chimney & fireplace in St. louis. Proper maintenance on your chimney inside and outside of your home can save you thousands in the long run. Take some time and read over a few tips and pointer to keep you burning safe.

How often I need to clean my chimney?

We recommend to have your chimney swept and inspected with every cord of wood your burn, However high winds and weather over the year can add wear and tear to your chimney. It is best to have your chimney inspected every season.

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If I am buying a new house, should the seller clean the chimney?

While writing the contract on the home, make sure you demand the fireplace the be swept and inspected. If there are damages with your chimney that have gone unseen for years, you could spend thousands of dollars in repairs soon after moving in.

A brick fell into my firebox, What now?

Do not use your fireplace until you have a Stl Chimney expert come inspect your chimney.

Can a wood burning fireplace be converted to gas?

Yes a wood burning fireplace can be converted to gas. Please give us a call to schedule a time for us to come take measurement

While sweeping, Do you need to get on the roof?

The answer is in most cases on a general sweeping we DO NOT have to get on the roof. We can accomplish everything form the opening of the firebox.

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