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Fireplace Safety

While relaxing next to a glowing fire. The smell and the sound of the wood crackling creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere. However, along with all the benefits of a fire also come concerns over safety. To help you keep your home and family safe, consider some of the recommendations listed below:

Before you light your very first fire, make sure you have smoke detectors installed on every floor of your home. Additionally, install one in the stairwells and close to all bedrooms. One hint that most people are not aware of is that smoke detectors cannot tell the difference between dust and smoke. Therefore, be sure you vacuum often.

Place a fire extinguisher where it can be reached quickly should embers fall onto the carpet and start a fire. Make sure you know how to use it and that it is loaded and ready to go.

Have an escape plan for you and your family in case of a fire. Amazingly, most families have never talked about ways out of a burning house. This is crucial and a sure way to help save lives. In fact, a couple of times each year perform a practice run so everyone knows exactly where they need to go and when.

Be sure when burning your fire that the protective screen is closed so no glowing embers escape. Additionally, be sure the fire screen you use is approved for the type of vent system you have.

Make sure your variable speed blower is working appropriately. You want to make sure that it blows at the level designed for so hot coals or embers are not blown out of the fireplace unit.

Maintaining a safe fire is not a difficult thing to do. Just remember that an ounce of prevention is indeed worth its weight in gold. By following some simple rules, you can enjoy a beautiful fire for years and not worry about potential danger.

Use common sense when burning fires. For example, never throw anything into the fire except wood. Although it might be tempting to throw in your dinner paper plate or that old napkin, some materials are treated with chemicals and you never know how the fire will respond.

You should also not keep a stack of magazines or newspapers stacked next to the fireplace. All it would take is one simple ask or ember and a fire would be on its way to out of control. Do not use any type of chemical cleaners, burn only seasoned wood so vapors do not accumulate in the chimney, and have your fireplace inspected annually.